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No less than 248 species of birds have been recorded on the island. In spring, many rare birds, including Siberian vagrants, may be spotted on the island. Select the birding alert link to sample weekly sightings through the course of a season.

Northern Fur Seals

One of the most notable sights on the island are the northern fur seal rookeries. In late May, the male seals arrive and stake out their territory in preparation for the arrival of the females. On June 1, the rookeries are closed and remain off limits until mid-October . Thereafter, these magnificent marine mammals may be viewed, by permit, from blinds at two rookeries.

Harbor Seals, Sea Lions, Walrus, Whales

Harbor Seals breed on Otter Island, several miles southwest of St. Paul Island, but nonetheless are often seen off St. Paul shores. Occasionally, Steller sea lions haul out on St. Paul, but usually take refuge in the rookery at Walrus Island, some 10 miles northeast of St. Paul. On extremely rare occasions, Grey whales, Orcas, and walrus are observed offshore.

Blue Fox

Blue fox, a subspecies of the Arctic fox, is small. Endemic to the island, the fox can be found roaming the hills and climbing the cliffs as it scavenges for food.


A large herd of reindeer roam the island. Of domesticated Russian stock, the reindeer were introduced to the island in 1911.

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